Liverpool Philharmonic – April 4th 2000

liverpool2000And so back we trek to Liverpool, a mere 220 miles from Glasgow.

Tragically however – and there’s no easy way of breaking this news – we are late through the doors. Either it was traffic on the M62, or we were absorbed in writing a song and we forgot to leave for the show, or we simply didn’t believe a band would start up exactly at the time marked on the ticket given a support act was promised, but we’ve missed most of the concert…

We have missed the “See My Baby Jive” Wizzard audience heckle, which to my mind is the best beard gag of the tour. And we have arrived only in time to see “Cowboy Dreams” close the show, plus the encores.

Or at least that’s my excuse. In fact, due to an equipment malfunction, the main taper of the tour only caught the encores. “Cowboy Dreams” turned up elsewhere, leaving some hope there’s a complete recording of the concert buried at the back of a wardrobe somewhere. If you know of one, well, you know what to do (and don’t eat the Turkish Delight)…

Since the above was written, a more complete version has indeed emerged… And here it is.

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