Manchester Bridgewater Hall – April 11th 2000

$_12So on we step to Madchester. A little late for the party, but having incongruously secured No. 35 on the list of 40 Baggy Anthems*  with “Life of Surprises” and thereby a place in baggy history, our heroes returned to the city of nasal accents and dismal unrelenting rain for a gig at the Bridgewater Hall.

Penultimate venue of the UK tour, and a decent if drum heavy recording. Notable for Paddy completely screwing up “The Sound of Crying” and restarting it. With good humour.

Don’t forget your chance to win a pristine 180g Steve McQueen vinyl reissue…

*Two pieces by the Cocteau twins have also somehow wandered onto this CD Set. It’s a headscratchingly bewildering selection.


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