One you haven’t heard – Leeds Poly, May 1984

leedspolyDiscoveries continue (and long may that continue!). In this case, a long rumoured recording of Leeds Polytechnic in 1984 on the Swoon promotional tour, as usual including Virginia Astley guesting on keyboards.

It’s a typical gig from the tour, in this case with a nice relaxed vibe. At one stage Paddy remarks that someone has thrown something at “Shorty” (Wendy), but no one seems to mind. Bit of crowd chatter but otherwise a pretty good recording.

Apart from that I know nothing about the recording, so if you do, let me know.

And of course, the repeated plea: if you have anything you think is lurking in your attic, garage or cupboards, do find it. I’ll make it worth your while one way or another…

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