Prefab Sprout – Kousei Nenkin Hall, Tokyo July 2nd 1986

800px-Tokyo_kosei_nenkin_kaikan_shinjuku_tokyo_2009In July 1986, our heroes flew to Japan as part of a short promotional tour consisting of two concerts in Tokyo and Osaka, the first and only gigs the band played outside Europe. Gary Hughes replaced Michael Graves who had played on other dates in 1985 and 1986.

The tour also included Drum Theatre, Face to Face, Eurogliders and ’til Tuesday, and various promotional activities were undertaken including the release of When Love Breaks Down as a single, and the broadcast of part of the Tokyo concert on FM radio, from which the songs included here are taken in an absolutely pristine form.

The promotion must have sparked some interest, because since then Japanese re-releases of the Prefab Sprout albums have been the most numerous and most elaborate of any territory.















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