Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh – October 21st 1985

queenshallOne of the early gigs from the Autumn 1985 UK Tour, which was moved from Coasters in Edinburgh to increase the capacity to around 900, and quite a nice audience recording. For the UK leg of the tour, the intention was to launch “Protest Songs” as much as promote “Steve McQueen”, hence the rather surprising choice of “Horsechimes” as an opener: not exactly rock ‘n’ roll.

Wendy was absent from the band due to bronchitis, and missed quite a number of the early gigs on the tour – there were dark rumours of a row in the band but she did return later and I don’t think there’s any special reason to believe there was shenanigans afoot (unless someone knows different…!). But apart from that it’s a fairly routine gig from the tour, missing the reprise of “Faron Young” that was often a closing encore, and with an amusing fluff of the lyrics for “Cars and Girls”.

This was probably the most recorded tour all in all, and as usual if anyone is sitting on any cassettes, do let me know.

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