Shepherds Bush Empire – April 13th 2000

shepherdsSo with perspective somewhat restored from the previous night’s shenanigans, we reach the final night of the UK leg of the tour. There’s a break day tomorrow, followed by two absolutely unmissable and perfectly recorded Dublin concerts, after which we’ll close the attendance competition and have a welcome break from concerts for a bit. So if you haven’t entered yet, have a go, any guess is as likely to win as another looking at the entries so far…

As for the second night in London, well it’s the calm after the storm in some ways. Sort of like the morning after you’ve had a massive row with your partner, when everyone’s feeling a little silly but no one will quite admit it. The show is returned to its normal format, the encores are restored as if nothing had happened, and the thirty song machine is back running smoothly. Nicely recorded, competent and slick performance, not a magical night by any means but some characteristically amusing interactions.

And if anyone happens to know anything at all about “Orpheus 2”, you know where to send the info…

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