The best gig of the tour – Hamburg, December 13th 1985


We end the recordings of the European 1985 Steve McQueen tour with an absolute cracker. A great audience recording of a superb gig Рfor me the best of the tour by far. Not quite the last date Рthe tour ended with guitar smashing shenanigans in Stockholm five nights later Рbut the best.

At the end of the normal reprised “Faron Young”, the house lights came back up and the piped music started up again, but for once the crowd didn’t shut up, and the band came back on for an unprecedented third encore, reprising “When Love Breaks Down”. At the end of this, Neil grabs the mike to thank the audience, it’s a great moment.

The Fabrik has a curious arrangement, with a sort of suspended gallery over the stage. I’d be amazed if this hadn’t been recorded from there, there is minimal crowd noise. It’s a really great, atmospheric, audience recording.

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