Vooruit, Belgium – November 30th 1990

vooruit_04The interview project hasn’t left a lot of time for other things, and in truth there aren’t many more concerts to post, at least not that I’m allowed to. But here’s something for the first of the year.

This is in fact the penultimate one, which is Vooruit, Gent, in November 1990, with just Copenhagen to follow soon. I have to say that it’s one that passes a bit under my radar, but on relistening before posting it does turn out to be a pretty good recording. Possibly what puts me off is that I’ve never found a really good source. Almost certainly it was a cassette bootleg, but I’ve never┬áseen a copy except for a second hand minidisc dub. So should you have a cassette copy, I’d love to know.

Also it’s not quite the whole thing. It cuts off at Moondog, so the encores are missing. Which was probably to fit it onto a C90 or something like that. But decent recording, enthusiastic crowd, very worthwhile listen.

There are often posters for this selling on Ebay and similar sites, by the way, if you keep your eyes open. You can see what they look like at the gigography page for this gig.


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