Warwick Arts Centre – April 1st 2000

warwick-arts-centreYou have to say that the geography of this tour was sometimes bonkers. Having headed down the M5 previous day, the band proceeded to head right back up it again, to Coventry. Which is close enough to Nottingham that you imagine a few vexed comments may have resulted.

The recording of this concert only turned up quite recently, from the same source as the Colston Hall recording posted yesterday and having been lost in the bottom of a wardrobe for years. As ever, if you have a recording of this or any other Prefab Sprout concert, do get in touch, whatever the quality and whether or not it appears already to be available. The same goes incidentally for memories and memorabilia.

Tape flips break “Couldn’t Bear to be Special” and “When Love Breaks Down”. Otherwise it’s a pretty good recording.

We get a day off tomorrow. The band will be travelling to Glasgow.

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