Dominion Theatre, London: July 22nd, 1985

london-dominion-newSet Listing

01. Don’t Sing
02. Bonny
03. Green Isaac
04. Moving the River
05. Hallelujah
06. Goodbye Lucille #1
07. Cars and Girls
08. Lions in My Own Garden, Exit Someone
09. Appetite
10. When Love Breaks Down
11. Rebel Land
12. Faron Young
13. When the Angels (with Thomas Dolby)
14. Cruel
15. Ghost Town Blues

A recording of this concert exists. Reasonable audience tape, toppy and with a bit of buzz. Some crowd chatter.

“It was very well received. It was a bit of a shock because to go from playing small clubs into a place that had a pit where you can fit seven philharmonic orchestras in was a bit frightening, but we enjoyed it.” Paddy McAloon, Saturday Live 25/7/domboot brian4 brian6 dom1 dom21985


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