Durham Domefest: June 29th, 1980

Dome-fest-stage-80Set Listing:

01. Touch and Go
02. Spinning Belinda
03. Faron Young
04. Tin Can Pot
05. Donna Summer
06. Strange Silhouettes

The so-called “1980 Live Demos” are recordings from Domefest, included on one of the variants of the Kitchenware “Souled Out” compilation. Excellent recordings. A recording of the entire concert exists in poorer quality.

“Memories of the 1980 festival – I remember going to the festival and it was well attended (as they usually were) with the stage being set up at the bottom end of the riverbank. I only took two photo’s that day because I was catching up with mates and probably trying to look cool – one was of the guy standing in front of the stage as he was acting a bit strangely and the other photo was of Prefab Sprout. My diary notes said that Prefab Sprout looked like a bunch of wallies but they were really good with some very catchy tunes and I really enjoyed them (hence the photo). I don’t think that the sight of the music stand for the words helped with the Sprout’s image. The crowd didn’t seem over enthusiastic with just polite applause but mid afternoon tended to be for the lesser known bands and I don’t think any band got a rapturous response. It was quite a fine day

(my apologies to the the McAloons and all Prefab Sprout fans – wallies was a term quite popular at the time – probably would be called geeky these days).”

Dave Henderson (photo’s courtesy of Dave)



prefab-sprout-at-domefest-1 &nbsp

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  1. I vaguely remember this festival – I *think* this was the year I played there with Negative Throb. I also knew the Sprouts through a colleague of mine, Tim Jones (who played with Neon at the time), and I went to college with Martin McAloon. I just remember it being a good day. There’s a photo of me onstage wearing a bowler hat although unfortunately I don’t have a copy.

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