Errol’s, Gothenburg, Sweden: December 15th, 1985

My private fotos(bad quality, sorry) from my first gig with Prefab Sprout. It was 15/12, 1985 in a small club called “Errols” in Gothenburg. This was a magic evening with songs like “When love brakes down” and “Faron young”

(Two other memories relayed by Elisabeth).

“Japp, was the scene guard but stood the most and sang in the songs. Paddy thought it was insanely funny that I put the echo on “out” in other verses on When love breaks down”.

“Prefab Sprout played at Errols on December 15, 1985. Then the LP Steve McQueen was six months old. I acted DJ and teamed, among other things, PS’s label mates Hurrah! whereupon the record company boss on Kitchenware (Keith Armstrong I think) jumped into the DJ booth, just beside me. “

Elisabeth Malmborg, Facebook


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    1. What fun Goran! It’s a few years ago so the memory is a bit fuzzy. It was a fantastic feeling to hear my expectant idols in such a cozy little club as Errols. I remember we were in the bar afterwards when Paddy and the band went past at 1 meter. Do you remember the last number was Faron Young? There was someone in the audience (perhaps several screaming for it) It was a fantastic energy in the final in all cases. Do you have any photos you can share here?

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