Essex University: May 12th, 1984

“Trying to recollect doesn’t come easy now, but I do remember the two women were dressed in kimonos and acting very flirty and playful on stage, especially Wendy. The other was Virginia Astley, who was playing keyboards and had a career in her own right. I talked to her for a bit and she signed something for me, I think it was the first Prefab album,which Wendy and Martin also signed… One of the tickets does have Martin’s signature on it as well. He was the most affable and happy to chat. Wendy was playful but watchful in her mood. Martin never had the spotlight so he was less busy with people. Paddy commanded most of the attention so I didn’t really get to talk to him much. I remember Wendy looking at me and my brother and saying “You are brothers aren’t you?” and I said “How do you know?” and she just replied “It’s obvious.” I also remember Paddy was doing an interview backstage which is why I didnt chat to him much, and my brother was eager to talk to him and so kept going over even though Martin was laughing and trying to stop him. In the end he got to talk to him.”



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