Exeter University: 13th November 1985

“1985. ‘Steve McQueen’ album had just come out. Strange concert. They all came out to start the first song and Paddy Macaloon (spelling?) started playing bum notes and his voice went to pieces in the first 2 minutes so he walked off and the rest followed him. The crowd was left looking at each other wondering what was going on. 10 minutes later they came out again and started the whole thing off perfectly and played a really good concert. Don’t know what the problem was originally – stage fright I expect. Apparently, I read somewhere that he went through a phase of forgetting his lyrics. Never mind. They got it right when it counted.” GJW, Exeweb forum

One thought

  1. Just seen this now 28/05/18 from something I posted many years ago on a football forum. My memory of the concert is vague apart from it being a great concert. The mishap at the beginning probably made it even better once they came back out. I recently watched Lo Moon from LA and they did a cover of Bonny. This is a band well worth watching if you like indi- pop with an eighties touch.

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