Argentina v. Germany – Pick a winner

On the left, the flamboyant, individualistic “Autos Y Mujeres” from Argentina, an absolutely iconic piece of vinyl. And on the right, the brutal, ruthless German efficiency of the card sleeved 4 Track CD Single version of “Cars and Girls”, one of the very earliest Prefab Sprout CDs. We have reached the hour of decision: which one will prevail?



4 thoughts

  1. Although, as a Spanish speaker , the “Autos y Mujeres” thing really gets me(in Spain we’d say “Coches y Chicas” but the Argentinian translation sounds classier, somehow)I’ll go with German efficiency and say Germany.

  2. Hard to bet against German precision on this day. Although Messi could be an equalizer!. Germany prevails today methinks,

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