Form an Orderly Committee Please – We are Petitioning for TOTAL SNOW

petitionCome on, people: Give me something to work with here… 20 Signatories are NOT going to bring the Total Snow flexidisc project to fruition. SIGN THE FECKIN’ PETITION NOW.

I promised to discuss “Total Snow” more. Well it’s a song about Christmas and gets to the heart of what it means and why it’s a lovely thing to have and to believe in. Quite gentle, instantly memorable (I only heard it once).

Meanwhile dark forces are ranged against us… Already the poster of the previous cover version has removed it from Youtube. Paddy’s arm is long, and his vengeance is total… But undaunted, here is a particularly lovely ukulele cover of “Venus of the Soup Kitchen”. There are those who maintain that the only people who should be allowed to play Ukulele are (the inimitable) George Formby and The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, whose cover of “Wuthering Heights” redefined the song very acceptably, but then Amanda Palmer arrived and since then it has become the weapon of choice for fey teenage girls with dreamy voices and a plonk plunk playing style who believe themselves to be the true bearers of ART. This cover lies somewhere between Formby and that, and arguably not quite deep enough.

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