Let’s Lobby the BBC – 30 Years of Steve McQueen

BBC_logo_50This summer marks the 30th Anniversary of the release of Steve McQueen, and the autumn is the 25th Anniversary of Jordan. It seems an ideal opportunity to lobby the BBC to do some sort of BBC4 programme as they’ve done for other bands, and in particular to open the archives. I’ve previously posted hints of some of the treasures in there that the BBC probably doesn’t know they have, and it would be very easy indeed to curate a great “Prefab Sprout at the Beeb” hour. I’d willingly do it.

And beyond that, the idea of a “Mastertapes” style interview for radio would be wonderful – imagine Thomas Dolby, Paddy, et al discussing the album.

And finally, how about a 1 hour retrospective documentary? Again very easy to script and do, and there is a massive fund of goodwill towards Paddy in the BBC that could lead to that – those in positions of influence are the right age and demographic. Time is relatively short, but it could be done. Such things are possible with a bit of drive and ambition.

So the perpetual question with Prefab Sprout is how to create some momentum, how to find people to engage, how to persuade the band members, and how to make it happen. First thing for me would be to find someone at the BBC to discuss with, does anyone know or can anyone find contacts? I know there are people who have media backgrounds, so trawl your contacts lists for friends of friends and let’s see who we can reach.

There aren’t all that many opportunities to do things like this. I’ve done a few jokey campaigns in the past but this is one I’m properly serious about because I can see it might work if there’s support for it.

If anyone can help – even in very small ways – or has ideas, contact me using the form below. I can’t do this on my own, but if we pool everything we have I think we can make it happen.

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