NEW ALBUM KLAXON – Femmes Mythologiques

For once I wasn’t travelling when something new happened, this time I was in a meeting and have had to wait for a break to very excitedly listen to the much trailed R4 interview. Which I’d heard was worth listening to for a big announcement.

Paddy played a snipped of “Cleopatra”, a new song from “Femmes Mythologiques”. He has mentioned this album in the past:

“I do have an LP of songs about mythological women: Eve, Queen of Sheba, ‘Angelina in 3D’ – a lot of songs, it’s just that you haven’t heard them. But I do have them.” 

“Angelina in 3D” is of the Angelina Jolie variety of course.

First listen is intriguing, with the lyrics seeming to be a historical list of facts rather than sublime reflections on the human condition, but what can you tell from a short extract? So we’ll see what happens with the rest of the album, it’s one of the first of the Paddy high concept style (leaving “Jordan” aside) as songs tend to be mixed and matched to create non-thematic albums like “Crimson/Red” or even “Steve McQueen”.

Due out in September (don’t hold your breath), and there will be further vinyl releases from Sony of the existing catalogue. Here’s the segment of the interview that contains the song.


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  1. I sent a tweet to @hmvnewcastle who mentioned that Paddy had called into their store to sign some of the remastered records. He was asked about Femmes Mythologiques & told them it was never intended to be released in 2019. There is currently no release date yet, as this is due to technical issues.
    Not sure where you got your information from regarding September 2019 release.

    1. The September date came from Paddy in one of the early interviews in 2019. I don’t think anyone took it too seriously, given history.

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