Sproutological Statistics – A snapshot of the Prefab Sprout fanbase

This is a slightly self referential post, but I thought it would be interesting to go behind the scenes a bit and look at who – on the evidence of this site and also the viewers of the “Jewel Thief” video – makes up the demographic of the current Sprout fan base.

Firstly, this is the way Sproutology traffic has built up over the past few months, measured in page visits.


You can see a nice buildup as the site has become established. The October spike was due to the Arnie interview, and also caused peak traffic of 120gigabytes – we’re now back more or less on trend with something like 250 views a day, with a nice strong start to January mostly because I’ve been able to post quite a lot of material.

Then looking at the page rankings:
There is a lot of traffic coming into the main page, obviously. Then it’s a fairly predictable spread into the “interesting” material, with the Reading CD and Arnie being high up there. As an aside, there is a lot of traffic going to the T-Shirts: I get nothing for directing people there but I reckon the site has sold a lot of them indirectly which I’m delighted about. It’s worth noting incidentally that the gigography is usually updated with audio/visual material, some of which doesn’t get included in blog posts. There will be a lot more chronologically ordered material as time goes on, and I’m experimenting with display formats and timelines.

So onto geography, and we have:


As you might expect, the UK dominates here. Good showing from the US too. The towns list is fairly random, somewhere way down the list is Consett, which was quite exciting when I noticed it, after all you never know…

And finally, gender and age. 84% male, 16% female. There’s a strong preponderance towards middle aged men – once beautifully described as “slightly depressive middle aged men who like women”, and a slightly more even spread with female visitors.



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