Sproutology SELLS OUT

PhotoFunia-1464961530E-Commerce has now found its way onto Sproutology via some Amazon affiliate links. The reason for doing this is twofold – firstly it allows me to bring attention to interesting new commercially available items, for instance currently I’m featuring the upcoming Vinyl release of Steve McQueen, Thomas Dolby’s book, and Cecile Roux’ French Biography. These items are chosen by me because they’re interesting, they’re not automatic selections, and I’ve tried to keep them reasonably unobtrusive.

And secondly, any income can be ploughed back into paying for the site so that with luck it can become self sustaining. As Sproutology sprawls ever outwards into the internet green belt, it is becoming more costly to run. I don’t mind that, it’s a hobby as much as anything else, but I have to keep things under some sort of control.

Not that I think much will be generated by this means: my t-shirt empire has made so far the princely sum of £1.45, but if anything does come in, it’ll be welcome. Note that if you click through one of the featured items, the site will get a commission on anything you subsequently buy via the normal search functions.

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