Wendy’s Birthday

imageIt’s Wendy’s birthday today, and very many happy returns to her from Sproutology.

I’m pretty sure that anyone who wants to would absolutely make her day by bunging a tenner to In Harmony at this link. I certainly am going to. I’ve waxed lyrical enough on this probably, but for me this is a brilliant piece of work by a very impressive team. It has some government funding, but the more public donations and awareness the better.

And beyond that, it’s not been an insignificant year. Singing with the Charlatans. Seeing Kate Bush live – in one of the very first promo pieces on Prefab Sprout she came out as a big fan. And deservedly being recognized professionally with a highly important new and high profile job. And no doubt a million other things we don’t know about!

So let’s all raise our glasses to the beloved Queen of Sproutland (just as she raised hers in the “King of Rock ‘N’ Roll” video… Happy Birthday Wendy!

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