When the Road Disappears…

endofthetourAs I said when I started this, the 15th anniversary repost of the 2000 Tour project is something I’d been planning for a long time. In fact the idea predated this site.

And more came out of it than I expected. In a peculiar way, just by doing it, you cross the invisible curtain into the show itself. It starts off as something exciting, but then there’s work to do and the chores start. You have to set up the recordings into playlists and check they all work: it takes ages to do. There are deadlines: it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, you have to get the page constructed and ready in time to post, whatever else is happening or whatever else you want to do.

Then there’s the sense of repetition. The shows are very similar in content, and you’re doing one followed by another followed by another. You worry about whether people are finding it tedious. Odd doubts creep in. Why would anyone want to hear this material anyway?

Lots of good stuff too though of course. Mick’s post and photographs; the coincidental discovery of the tour book. No new recordings yet, but I live in hope.

So I guess that having been sucked a little into the “show must go on” psychology, I’ve had a little insight into the ups and downs of doing the tour in the first place. I hope that those in the audience have enjoyed being part of things too.

I’m travelling for a few days, so you have until next Friday, the 24th, to enter the competition – really not very many entries at all so a brilliant chance of winning just by entering a guess – at which point I’ll reveal the attendances.

Meanwhile I think it’s time for a break from Prefab Sprout, and a song about touring, cars, and girls which seems completely appropriate.


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