Ghetto, Stockholm, Sweden: December 18th, 1985

This concert was originally scheduled for November 27th, but was moved to the end of the tour.

“The last show in Europe was in Sweden. I do remember that one as someone let off a smoke bomb in the middle of the set and the whole place had to be evacuated for a while until the smoke cleared, which really pissed Paddy off and at the end of the show he smashed his guitar up and broke the neck of the guitar we had rented for the tour (don’t remember why we rented a guitar as he had a few of his own) that’s probably why he smashed it, I don’t think he would have if it was his own, lol!! But I do remember just sticking the bits in the case at the end and laughing my head off. Actually when I say smashed what he actually did was just throw it over his shoulder, he looked surprised when the neck snapped in two, he looked at me and just laughed at what he’d done, it was most un-Paddy like.” Bob, Live80

“A review in the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet was very negative: the reviewer does praise Paddy for writing “thoughtful and intelligent lyrics. It’s gorgeous, intricate, low key and clever. But where’s the problem? Well, the music becomes too clever for its own good. Paddy sings about emotions which is rarely mirrored in the music. It works at home by the stereo, but hardly when played live. I don’t demand of the band to fight, destroy their instruments or create fire-eating on stage. But they could at least try to look as if they’re part of the music. It’s rare that Prefab Sprout manages to step outside its English lameness and really touch the audience.” “The reviewer also commented about how someone in the audience let out tear-gas, and how most of the concert hall had to be evacuated. But after fifteen minutes everyone was let inside again.” Rivermoving, Sproutnet

“It reminds of a concert that I saw with Prefab Sprout many years ago. Now, for those who don’t know it, Prefab Sprout are least of all any metal outfit, but plays slick pop/rock. Perfectionists out in the fingertips, and they possess a lot of musicianship. Now, the review in the morning paper found them nice, but wanted more action. The reviewer said “They don’t have to smash the guitar, but they could at least do something”. But in fact, the last thing Paddy McAloon, guitarist, song-writer and vocalist did before they left after the last encore was to break the neck of his guitar… (Have no idea if it was on purpose, or if it just happened by accident. Despite the fact that I stood in the front row of the low stage, I didn’t see it happen.) By the way, despite what the reviewer wrote, it was a good show. Sometimes it can be a pleasure to watch a band just because they are good musicians.” Erland Sommarskog, usenet


(Thanks to Tommy Bäck for the ticket stub scan)

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