Hammersmith Palais: November 18th, 1985

hammersmithpalaisSet Listing

01. Horse Chimes
02. Moving the River
03. Cars and Girls
04. Bonny
05. Faron Young
06. Hallelujah
07. Lions in My Own Garden, Exit Someone
08. Wicked Things
09. Goodbye Lucille #1
10. Don’t Sing
11. Tiffany’s
12. When Love Breaks Down
13. When the Angels
14. Appetite
15. Cruel
16. Faron Young

A recording of this concert exists. Decent audience tape, fair bit of crowd chatter.

“I went to see Prefab Sprout on Monday 18th November 1985 with Joe who got me into the band and we had a good evening although I remember thinking ‘why is it so loud? I can’t hear what he’s singing. Why are they playing all the songs so fast? It sounds much better on the records’ and that’s still pretty much the way I feel about most gigs to this day.”

Adam Buxton



Robin Denselow, Guardian, Nov 20th

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