A Few Short Steve McQueen Interviews

Tony%20The%20GreekThere are surprisingly few audio interviews surviving from the Steve McQueen period. Apart from the Great Escape Promo, I know of just the three short clips posted here. If you know of anything else, then do please get in touch. Download links are given as well as the player, with the magic word being “interview”…

Tony Michaelides, known as “Tony the Greek” was at the time a DJ on Manchester’s Piccadilly Radio, and also wrote an article on Prefab Sprout for the “Acrylic Daze” Fanzine. Intriguingly, the latter mentions a session recorded for Piccadilly, which may be the source for the “Live at Acapulco Rolf’s” version of Bonny, referenced on the “Complete Radio Sessions Page” – date of the interview isn’t known but would have been summer 1985.

Richard Skinner interviewed the band and had them in session on the 25th July. The session is included in the recording for continuity, but there’s a better copy of the music at the Radio Sessions Page. The interview itself is a little incidental.

And finally, Janice Long, Keith Chegwin’s sister, interviewed Paddy for Radio 1 just after the Alton Towers filming, on the 8th August 1985. Recorded from AM radio, so a little scratchy. But a really great one, with a lovely story about David Bowie, and even a few words from Wendy at the end.



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