Alan Thompson, BBC Wales – October 20th 2013

Another of the radio Interviews from the “Crimson/Red” promotion, this time for BBC Radio Wales. I remember this one well, I was in a hotel in Japan struggling to get iPlayer to work so I could listen in.

Let’s hope the forthcoming album is as well served for promotion. Winter 2013 was a heady period.

Here’s a podcast link for anyone wanting it.


4 thoughts

    1. There’s always something forthcoming, on a sort of indeterminate level. But I just wanted to see if anyone was awake 😉

  1. yes – I always read your posts & know there’s a Rod Stewart cover in the pipeline
    but could do with something more substantial – while we’re waiting I’d be happy with another Youtube song

  2. Awake here, and stomach recovering from an attempted somersault.

    May much of what’s forthcoming be music to our ears…

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