Arnd Zeigler – September 3rd 2009

arnieArnd (Arnie) Zeigler’s interviews with Paddy are the stuff of legend. We’ve already had the 2013 one, so stepping back in time we find ourselves in 2009 for the release of “Let’s Change the World With Music”.

On the original Sproutnet version of this, the interview was divided into short segments and is a little difficult to listen to. This was because Arnie edits out his questions usually, so each segment was related to one particular question in the Sproutnet listing, with the answer linked to the question text. If you prefer that style of presentation, it’s here, but I prefer it all in one go, and it’s not difficult to figure out what the line of questioning is, so that’s how I’ve done it here.

At well over an hour in length, this is prime podcast territory, so there’s a download copy here.

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