Dierdre: The Comeback. Dierdre O’Donohue, KCRW SNAP – August 30th 1990

A wonderful discovery via the “Save Our Sprout” initiative, courtesy of Dana – no, not the sultry Irish Eurovision brunette your dad had a crush on in the 1970s and who later became a disturbingly right wing Irish presidential candidate – but a bloke in California who had all kinds of everything, but most importantly a good FM receiver and DAT recorder.

Pretty much everyone will know the July 4th 1988 KCRW interview, the one containing Paddy doing an impromptu “Wichita Lineman”, but this one was unknown to me. Deirdre is in typical gushing fan girl form, full of peculiar digressions including one about how she had named a fish after Paddy. Shorter than the 1988 epic, and with no┬álive music, but hugely enjoyable.

We need more presenters like the late Deirdre O’Donohue.

Podcast link here.

2 thoughts

  1. Wonderful to hear but it’s heartbreaking that he had such definite plans to tour the U.S. and never did. It would’ve been my only chance to see them live.

  2. Deirdre O’Donoghue was great! Really miss Snap. I remember KCRW’s station manager, Ruth Hirschman, canned O’Donoghue for including in her weekly calendar of things to do an upcoming protest against US involvement in Central America during her show. Hirschman also canned the Kool and the Krazy for bizarre reasons. The station manager was horrible.

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