i-D Magazine – November 1985


Wendy from Prefab Sprout says the quickest way to get famous is to sing with the ‘Sprouts’. but she’s determined to be incredibly famous. “I’m so keen I’ll even shave my head and appear naked on the front of a magazine”. She likes Meryl Streep in weepy movies, Auf Wiedersehn Pet and Sir Alistair Burnett reading the news for her. Her fave hat at the moment is a big black 20s number that she can hide under. Check out their album ’Steve McQueen’ on Kitchenware through CBS and keep an eye open for the nationwide tour, at a town near you etc.

Wendy wears: Volcano hat by Alan Flux for No?Yes!, £49.95 Ammonite cluster earrings by Daryl Haber, £23 from Detail. Taffeta jacket by Bernstock and Spiers, £92 No? Yes! designer Susan Jenkyn Jones designs clothes and works with different hat designers to complement her collection each season. Check out the No? Yes! shop, 38 Floral St, London WC2 (01) 729 5168.

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