Interview at the Fleadh, June 10th 2000

Wonderful YouTube upload – interview with Martin and Jess Bailey at the Fleadh, 2000, with a snippet of “When Love Breaks Down”

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  1. That’s amazing. That really fleshes out the famous Fleadh footage where the camera swoops in on them.
    Did you also see this three minutes with Billy Bragg from the same VH1 show? It just came up in my related videos.

    On a related theme to the things that were touched upon (at least between my ears) by the North Stars interview, like Paddy’s critique of Paul Weller, Paddy’s admiration for Lindisfarne, whether or not to write “The Sound of Crying”, and the commentary intended by _Protest Songs_…. it’s Billy Bragg, being hilarious, and the author of the lines “mixing pop and politics / he asks me what the use is / I offer him embarassment and my usual excuses…”

    1. The youtube poster’s channel is pretty good, lots of great material in there with really great quality digitisation – I’m very picky about that but I can’t fault this guy’s work. I’ve been chatting to him and no more Sprout material but I’ll certainly be returning to his channel.

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