Mark Collins – June 2001

collinsIn the deep dark long tail of Internet searches, there remain treasures to be unearthed. You have to pick your way carefully past the Russian MP3 aggregators, where any false step results in a cacophony of pinging messages warning of threats being detected and a polite yet forceful enquiry from the other side of the room as to precisely which sites it is you are browsing exactly. And you have to accept that there will be many false trails and broken links on the journey, as you ponder the ephemeral nature of the world wide web.

But just sometimes something new turns up. And today was just such an occasion. I was idly googling for interviews, not really thinking I’d find any, and found Mark Collins’ site: OutspokenMedia. Mark is a DJ with Wave 105 FM on the South Coast. The site showcases his work, including a wonderful selection of interviews, one of which is 10 minutes with Paddy on the occasion of the release of “The Gunman”. The site itself is worth a visit – there are interviews with Neil Finn and Elvis Costello amongst many others – and also includes a download link for Paddy’s contribution via the appropriate page.

Amongst other things, this includes a lovely little story about a cutting that’s stuck to the front of Paddy’s fridge, and his feelings about fan beard speculation. It’s not your in depth Arnie style job, but highly enjoyable, and of course the search for more continues.

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