Mick Lynch, Uncirculated Interview – October 25th, 2013

2.001Mick Lynch is the legendary Sprout fan for whom Paddy played Nightingales during the second night in Dublin, 2000. As part of the Crimson/Red promotion, he had the opportunity of interviewing Paddy, and this previously uncirculated recording was the result.

As you’d imagine given his well above average depth of knowledge, many of the obvious questions are avoided, with subjects including how Paddy chooses his guitars, his feelings at discovering he was being bootlegged at a school concert, of how he might one day look at a box set for his demos, whether the band will ever reform for recording, and a strange intervention from a phantom fax machine.

It’s not the greatest recording ever, but one of the more interesting from 2013. You can also download it here.

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