More Trawling – BBC Radio Interviews, 2003

megahertzWith the news – or as more properly described the rumours – of an “I Trawl the Megahertz” re-release, it doesn’t seem a bad time to dig up a couple of radio interviews from the period.

They’re pretty good ones too. Richard Allinson, who does the first, was an old fan of the band and so it’s fairly wide ranging and relaxed. And in the “Mixing It” interview from the “serious” Radio 3, Robert Sandall discusses the music and how it was constructed.

Richard Allinson (June 24th 2003)

Robert Sandall, Mixing It (July 6th 2003)


4 thoughts

  1. thanks for posting this…
    btw my brother Mark co-presented Mixing It together with Robert Sandall (Robert conducted this interview & is sadly no longer with us.)
    Me & my bro are obviously huge Paddy McAloon fans.

    1. Shame to hear about Robert Sandall, but I’ll change the post to credit him. It’s always great to find these radio interviews, they’re incredibly ephemeral and largely depend for survival on who happened to be about with a tape deck and spare cassette.

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