Paddy on early Sprout history – Steve Drayton Dec 27 2013

radnewWhile I’m working on getting an edit negotiated for a completely uncirculated interview, here’s a lesser known one from last year.

Paddy went into the Radio Newcastle studios on the 8th October 2013 for an interview with Simon Logan, and while he was there, Steve Drayton grabbed the opportunity to have a more in depth chat, covering a lot of early Sprout history as well as some discussion of Crimson/Red. As with all interviews conducted essentially by fans – there were many in this period, and Steve is definitely a fan – Paddy was persuaded a little off the beaten track and was extremely forthcoming.

The resulting interview was broadcast during the Christmas period in 2013, and was as a result not as widely circulated as others – quite a number of the interviews are on Youtube, but this isn’t, yet.

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