Sara Cox Interviews Martin Brammer of the Kane Gang

coxA nice little interview with Martin Brammer of the Kane Gang with a good section on Prefab Sprout at the Domefest and Brewers Arms starting at about 8:30

As everyone probably knows, the Kane Gang were Kitchenware stablemates of Prefab Sprout, and David Brewis, the guitarist and latterly Hendrix Flying V aficionado, is a longtime friend, collaborator and archivist of Paddy and the band. Graham Lant, the Swoon drummer, was also a member. Well worth the investment in the box set plugged here.

One thought

  1. I was at my cousin’s wedding years ago and prefab sprout were guests there, we spoke to them, but I never in my life thought they would have been friends of The Kane Gang… my total all time favourite song Closest thing to Heaven. I was homesick living in Manchester and this came on the radio… still love it!! It is a classic with a very powerful melody, should have been a much bigger hit. Perhaps we weren’t ready for this beautiful type of soul, but I certainly was.

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