Some people see rebellion in loud guitars.. The Great Escape

We’re less than a month from the thirty year anniversary of the release of Steve McQueen somewhere between the 10th and 17th June. Sadly, all plans from my side to organise some sort of TV or radio tribute have fallen by the wayside, as the road winds lazily upwards through impending new parenthood and a new job. Some things mean more, etc.

However, we’ll be marking the anniversary as far as possible, and to start that off, here is the promotional cassette issued by Kitchenware before the album release. “The Great Escape”, featuring Emma Welles. As a point of collecting interest, these do turn up on Ebay and elsewhere from time to time, and in common with “Jordan: the Highlights”, a lovely Japanese Interview CD from 1990, are lovely little curiosities to have.

As is widely known, “Emma Welles”, the interviewer who also wrote the sleeve notes to “Swoon”, was an invented person. For “Swoon”, she was Paddy himself. For this interview she was the designer who features in the 1984 Kitchenware Feature, Paula Goldberg.

Presented here is an entire transfer of the tape, including the music. A few people have asked for podcasts of the interview materials I post here, so here is a download link to this one – any others, please just ask in a comment and I’ll sort a link out.


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