“Strikkers”, Record Mirror – January 7th, 1984

Sprouting Horns

We all know that Geordies rely on imports such as Kevin Keegan and the Tube for their excitement and entertainment, right? Wrong! 1984 will see the rise of a home grown star in the land of brown ale when Prefab Sprout finally come to the attention of us all. Their current indie hit, ‘The Devil Has All The Best Tunes’, is quite simply a classic and we wait with jangled nerves for soon come single, ‘Don’t Sing’ and album ‘Swoon’.

Prefab Sprout’s mainman Paddy McAloon seems slightly cautious when I tell him of my affection for his latest offering. “Most people said that ‘The Devil’ wasn’t a single really, too long and not catchy enough, but I think it’s our best number. It’s certainly sold more than any other Kitchenware record.”

Kitchenware is the Newcastle record company poised to bring us the Geordie sound in ’84. “I suppose you could call it the thinking man’s Respond,” laughs Paddy. “There’s four bands and we all get on well, but there’s no real scene in Newcastle. Most people seem to be into heavy metal or Yazoo.”

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