Sunie Fletcher, Music Box – March 4th 1986

musicboxMarch 1986, and the Sprouts had just concluded their Italian tour. Off the back of this they had originally planned a tour of Ireland, and a couple of gigs in London, one at the Hammersmith Palais on March 4th, and one at the Hammersmith Odeon on the 5th.

In the event, only the Hammersmith Odeon gig happened, but the band were left with non-refundable flight tickets to London. Ever thrifty, they arranged an interview on Sky’s Music Box so the record company would cover the costs of the hotel room.

This is a lovely interview – Wendy eventually comes out of her shell a bit and is tricked into telling a diva story. And Fletcher is a sympathetic and interested interviewer. I can’t for the life of me find the details of who it was who sent me the VHS tape, as I recall it was from Scandinavia or Finland. If it was you, let me know so I can give a proper credit!



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