The Big E – February 21st 1993

bigeThe Big E, as I recall, was a late night programme you’d sometimes catch after an evening out. As such, amazing that any of them got recorded at all, because they weren’t the sort of thing you exactly set your VCR to record. I found some records somewhere that indicate they featured Prefab Sprout interviews a few times, but this is the only one I’ve ever found (as ever, check your lofts for old tapes if you think different).

This particular recording isn’t a great piece of VHS. In fact it’s a bit Max Headroom, with Paddy skipping and jumping all over the place. The base video came from YouTube to which it was uploaded by someone a couple of years ago, and I did some fix ups of the worst of the damage via freeze frames. Still, it’s getting into the dark period between 1992 and 1997 and interesting in showing the transitory Paddy. Maybe the shaky nature of the images is a good metaphor for his state of mind?

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