Twins Separated at Birth – Paddy on Scritti Politti

early-8I discovered this week that for UK residents at least, the Prefab Sprout official videos are mostly available in lovely HD at Vevo. This prompted me to go back over my video archive and sort it out a bit.

One thing I found was the BBC Wales Scritti Politti documentary from April 19th 2000, which includes Paddy’s comments about Green. I posted these to YouTube years ago, but I discovered I’d missed a little section at the end of one of his comments. So the first thing to shout about is that we have a WHOLE NEW PADDY SENTENCE. You don’t get so many of these, so it’s certainly a good start to the weekend.

So the Paddy section is here, now complete. But watching the documentary itself I felt it was worth posting the entire thing too. Green and Paddy are in many ways kindred spirits; there are obvious parallels in the way their careers have panned out, and in the way people tend not to look past the surface of the work. You can get to see Scritti live too from time to time, which is well worth doing. It’s a really wonderful piece.

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