Uncirculated 2001 Radio Interview – Andrew Fletcher

fletchIt’s always a bit of a treat when something uncirculated turns up via a site visitor, and this is a lovely one. A great 25 minute uncirculated interview from the Gunman promotion, actually on the same day as the Jonathan Ross one was recorded, by Andrew Fletcher:

“I was part of the Newsbeat team which also provided short interview clips on entertainment stories for Steve Wright’s show on Radio 2. One of the ents team knew I was a fan and asked me whether I’d like to interview Paddy on his promotional visit for The Gunman.

“The great day arrived and Paddy rolled up with a press minder at Radio One’s Yalding  House studios. He’d made the trip from the North East, he told me, for just two radio interviews – one with me and the other with Jonathan Ross (which was broadcast several weeks later).

“My interview was never broadcast, which is just as well because it was a good deal less entertaining and of little interest to anyone but the Sprout fanatic. However, for the Sprout fanatic there was much of interest – half an hour or so of Paddy’s thoughts on The Gunman, Steve McQueen, Michael Jackson and much more.”

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