King’s College, London: January 20th, 1984


Set Listing

01. I Couldn’t Bear To Be Special
02. I Never Play Basketball Now
03. Cherry Tree
04. Green Isaac
05. Diana
06. Don’t Sing
07. The Devil Has All The Best Tunes
08. Hallelujah
09. Lions In My Own Garden Exit Someone
10. I Couldn’t Bear To Be Special
11. Don’t Sing

Three recordings of this concert exist, one a very good to excellent crowd recording, another a slightly muffled crowd recording from within a crowd of the rugger bugger’s mentioned below, and a really nice one done by the guy who took the photos below.

“A couple of things that amused me this gig was Ms Smith’s ashen face at the rugger bugger (he did look a bit like Gary Bushall) singing “boring” as question & answers at the start of ‘I Couldn’t Bear To Be Special” at the start, & the start of PREFAB SPROUT’s long standing ‘Spinal Tap’ approach to drummers… Tonight it was the turn of one all round good egg, Dave Ruffy”

Dave Driscoll, fruitierthanthou blog

Photo courtesy of Howard Davies


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