Kousei Nenkin Hall, Tokyo: July 2nd, 1986

800px-Tokyo_kosei_nenkin_kaikan_shinjuku_tokyo_2009Set Listing

01. Moving the River
02. Faron Young
03. Hallelujah
04. Lions in My Own Garden, Exit Someone
05. Goodbye Lucille #1
06. When Love Breaks Down
07. Appetite
08. Cruel
09. Faron Young

A recording of this concert exists, FM sourcedThe concert features on the double bootleg “Sprouted Shows”.

Basically two versions are circulating, one with a trailing radio promo for the Japanese tour featuring Paddy and Wendy, and the Sprouting Shows variant. The first is reasonable but suffers from quite a lot of tape hiss. However the Sprouting Songs variant is absolutely pristine, no hiss, and beautifully recorded. The mix is very nicely done, and altogether this is one of the very best live recordings you’ll find.


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