Liverpool University, Mountford Hall: October 26th, 1985

“I saw them on this tour, they played Liverpool Uni. Wendy wasn’t well enough to sing, so it was just Paddy doing vocals. Ten minutes in I noticed that the woman stood in front of my with long hair was Wendy, watching the gig!

“Paddy said she had a sore throat and couldn’t sing, so she wasn’t exactly on her death bed. She hung around for a few songs, then slipped away. Its a nice memory, I was just getting into them, and it was a few years later that I appreciated the memory a little moreMark Hillard, Facebook


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  1. I was at this show. On the way home after the show, we stopped at traffic lights and Prefab Sprout were in the car alongside and wound their window down to ask the way to the Cavern Club in Liverpool. Don’t know if they ever found their way there?

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