London Savoy: February 9th, 1984

bostonarmsSet Listing

01. Diana
02. I Never Play basketball Now
03. Cherry Tree
04. Green Isaac
05. Couldn’t Bear to Be Special
06. Ghost Town Blues
07. Technique
08. Hallelujah
09. Don’t Sing
10. Lions in My Own Garden, Exit Someone
11. Couldn’t Bear to Be Special
12. The Devil Has All the Best Tunes

A recording of this concert exists. Audience recording, muffled but listenable.

Issued on a “Camden Market” style cassette bootleg, paired with a recording of the Lyceum date from later in the year

Issued as CD Fanzine #8 — Live at London’s Savoy Theatre, February 1984

savoyticket savoy



One thought

  1. It was a winter gig, and I wore this stupid poloneck with nothing underneath, so it was an itchy, sweaty occasion. People didn’t take their shirts off at sprout gigs, so there was no release. Brilliant gig though, I remember Lions, but must have left thinking: They didn’t play Cruel.

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