Newcastle City Hall: October 22nd 1985

NewcastleCityHall1985 Newcastle City Hall when Prefab Sprout were promoting the Steve McQueen album. They were supported by fellow Kitchenware stable-mates Hurrah! No Wendy – Paddy explaining to a disappointed crowd she had a bad throat: Cue a large collective groan. Wonder if this was stage fright? This was my first gig at the age of 15. I had not heard that much of their stuff until I saw them – I went with a discerning mate who had also previously introduced me to Smiths, XTC, all things John Peel etc. I remember very little of the actual gig although it was a defining moment in my life. I do remember something just grabbed me when I heard When Love Breaks Down and Goodbye Lucille #1 played live. I bought Steve McQueen the next day in HMV on Northumberland Street. As I queued in the shop a cool looking bloke behind the till took the record from me saying “Brilliant choice”. We had a brief conversation about the gig (he had also been there). Remember walking to Warswick Street bus station thinking a part of me had awoken to something for the first time – Prefab Sprout came to symbolise something bigger for me, a world where I knew music had the power to save me. (Sorry if that sounds like wanky but there you go…)
This is the one and only time I saw them live.”

PlayLoud, sproutnet discussion board

“The weird thing i remember about this gig, in particular, was the interval music in between bands which was simply a compilation of all the Prefab Sprout tracks they never played in their set! another strange thing was, for the most part, everyone remained seated throughout. i was sat in the second row, and when Prefab Sprout came on immediately stood up, having faced a mad rush of people dashing to the front at The Banshees gig at the City Hall a couple of weeks earlier; yet when i stood up and turned around, i was surprised to find i was the only one!” 

Michael D Robson, North East Music History Group, Facebook


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