Oz (Greece) – October 23rd 1992

OZ: Who picked the songs for your new “Best Of” LP?

PM: Everyone was involved in choosing the songs, including the manager and the rest of the group, as is always the case with our records. In Prefab Sprout, everyone has the right to express their own opinion.

OZ: There are some new songs on this record. Does this means that you have others ready for recording in the immediate future?

PM: Indeed. Quite recently we recorded some demos, while continuing to work in the studio. Our new LP will be released next Spring.

OZ: Will you be doing some touring soon?

PM: Sure, but not before next January. As you may know. all our tours have gone very well indeed especially in Great Britain.

OZ: What is your favorite Prefab Sprout album?

PM: Jordan The Comeback is peerless.

OZ: Nevertheless, the Steve McQueen was considered by many critics as one of the best albums of the 80s?

PM: I know, that’s something that strikes me increasingly. At any rate I’m glad a “difficult”, almost cult LP had such resonance.

OZ: Tell me some of the artists that influenced Prefab Sprout

PM: I won’t talk about influences, but about two artists that I like. First, Elvis Presley and then Prince because he is perhaps the only artist I know who does exactly what he really wants.

OZ: Prefab Sprout have been together about ten years. Have you ever found yourself on the verge of breaking up?

PM: No, never. We are all friends with each other, often go out together and, above all, we have an excellent communication, ensuring a long-term collaboration.

OZ: What do you think about the global dominance of American rock; You think British artists can take the lead again?

PM: I don’t distinguish between American and British music or whatever. What interests me primarily is the listening itself If it’s good I play it, otherwise I leave it.

OZ: Have you ever heard anything by Greek artists?

PM: Naturally! I know Aphrodite’s Child and the solo work of Vangelis.