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There’s been quite a lot of high level working out of Prefab Sprout Music recently, including Steven Bennett’s wonderful guitar adaptation videos in the Facebook “Paddy McAloon and Prefab Sprout” group, which one day I hope to collate here.

But this has just turned up on Facebook, and is absolutely lovely. A keyboard adaptation of “Pearly Gates”, pretty much note perfect, and with full sheet music. One hundred percent recommended. It’s fascinating: when the music is stripped back, you realise just how clever it is melodically and harmonically.

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  1. Hi Tim,
    I’m the guy who did the ‘Pearly Gates’ YT video. Thank you for your kind words, really appreciated. I enjoyed doing that and hope it could be helpful for someone willing to do a cover of this gem of a song (the vid is merely a sequencer playback and sounds somewhat corny). I have ‘couldn’t bear to be special’ in progress (almost done). More of a piano arrangement though.
    btw I can send you the .pdf file for the score if you’d like to host it. Let me know.
    Congrats for the Sproutology website (I did not know it). Wish you all the best.

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