Chapter One – In the Ghetto

I was recently approached by someone suggesting I write a book about the genesis of Steve McQueen for a US series of books. Not by the publisher, but by a Sprout fan who had read the series and enjoyed it.

I’ve previously explained that I’m not a big fan of rock biography except in a few constrained circumstances, but the idea intrigued me enough to dash out an opening chapter and a list of chapter headings. I’ve already written a mini-essay on the subject of Steve McQueen which I enjoyed doing, and although I know there’s a book planned on this period, I think it’s something worthy of a slightly more literate approach.

I remain unconvinced by the idea, and will need a serious kick to continue with it – there’s a competitive selection process for this book series which to be honest I can’t be arsed with, but having done this chapter I thought I’d throw it out there for comment. If anyone’s interested let me know.

You can find a PDF of the introductory chapter here.

And the chapter headings, for which I have specific intentions, are:

  1. In the Ghetto
  2. Fair Witton Gilbert, where we set our scene
  3. Thank you for the music
  4. Jesus’ blood never failed me yet
  5. Three of a perfect pair
  6. Last exit to Gilesgate
  7. Desire as a slyph figured creature
  8. Lost to heaven, lost to earth
  9. One two three four five… One two three four five…
  10. A new toy
  11. Bedsit land
  12. Just for one day
  13. I am on a lonely road and I am travelling
  14. Et si c’était par la fin que tout commençait…?

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  1. Great job setting the scene. I would definitely read more! For their American fans, most of us can only experience those gigs through bootlegs, YouTube videos, and the words of lucky people like you who actually got to see them play. Keep writing!

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