And the winner is….

emptyTime to announce the winner of the “Scores on the doors” competition.

The attendances were courtesy of John Birch’s copy of the tour book, and very interesting they¬†are too. Here’s a table with the attendance and capacity at each venue:

Venue Attendance Capacity
Nottingham 704 2150
Bristol 838 1700
Coventry 892 1250
Glasgow 1267 1900
Liverpool 1200 1600
Cambridge 730 1800
Southampton 669 1200
Newcastle 994 2133
Leeds 615 1784
Manchester 1540 1880
London 1914 2000
London 1013 2000

The total tour attendance was therefore 12,376 from a capacity of 21,397. about 58%. The only sell out was the first London concert which was also the highest attendance Рthe shortfall was probably guest list entries.

Surprisingly, because it was the best gig on the UK leg, the Leeds concert was the poorest attendance. And look at Newcastle: hardly a triumphant homecoming… The lowest attendance relative to venue size was the opening Nottingham concert.

The winner with a guess of 14,750 is Edward Quant, and I’ll make arrangements to send him the Steve McQueen vinyl over coming days. Well done, really a very difficult competition. There were only 8 entrants in the end. Next time I’ll do something easier.

We’ll have a break from concert recordings now for a bit, but the 1986 Italian tour will be next, followed by what there is of Jordan, and at that point the entire known recorded canon of Sprout concerts will be available here.


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